Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Few More Voices on The NY Times Article

A few more links concerning the belated NY Times story on deaccessioning and New York museums, including CultureGrrl's usual basket of complaints. I'm not sure it really matters who broke the story first or who broke which embargo. What matters is the dissemination of correct information to the general public doused with a healthy contribution of rational argumentation concerning the important topic on the legal and ethical museum deaccessioning practices.

Here you go:

New York Press, Mad Museums

Artifactum, Museums Voice Opposition to New York's Anti-Deaccessioning Law ...

ArtsJournal (The Hungarian Times), NY Cultural Institutions Try To Delay Deaccessioning Bill ...

CultureGrrl, NY Times' Robin Pogrebin Breaks an Embargo in Error-Marred ...

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