Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Unfortunately Not All Things Considered on NPR's Deaccessioning Take


Here's a story NPR ran on deaccessioning yesterday, on their nationwide radio show, "All Things Considered."

I was initially approached for an interview concerning this story, but was not contacted again. This is unfortunate, not because I want my voice heard across all 50 states (or 57 if you're Obama), but because I think a hot and controversial issue such as deaccessioning should be approached in multiple ways, but also with as many diverse viewpoints as possible.

This issue is not one of simply selling or not selling; it's much more complicated than that. Granted, five minutes is not fifty minutes, but it's also ample time to present at least two positions with a third commentary on both.

I hope that next time NPR decides to tackle deaccessioning they tak a more nuanced and objective approach to this timely issue and to other art law matters.