Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Anti-Brandeis Lament

Dartmouth College has just announced that it has received a $50 million gift.

Real Clear Arts' Judith H. Dobrzynski writes today on this donation. As is customary in these anti-deaccessioning days, Dobrzynski takes an(other) emotional reaction to this gift, and contrasts it, unfairly and irrationally, to Brandeis University's Rose Museum decision.

What a contrast from Brandeis, in Waltham, MA, which has grown infamous for its announcement earlier this year that it planned to shut its Rose Art Museum.

A quick overview of her position clearly shows that this comparison and contrast is quite unfair. It would be like applauding the New York Yankees for their revenue earnings and chastising the Pittsburgh Pirates for their lack of one. The fact that a donor with ties to Dartmouth has gifted $50 million to it does not logically establish that Brandeis has not raised $50 million.

Encouraging others to join her in singing Kumbaya, Dobrzynski ends her lament with this liberal gem: "Anyone for transferring from Brandeis?" If only we could transfer, excuse me, deaccession, bloggers from the blogosphere!

The Dartmouth press release is here.

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Anonymous said...

Dobrsynski's post is completely slanted . She fails to mention that the renowned Brandeis museum will not be closing after all and its world-class art collection is not being dismantled,althuogh its purpose is being revisited. She also fails to mention the $23 million dollar gift to Brandeis to construct a humanities center that will help place Brandeis at the forefront of study in th0se fields. See: