Monday, May 31, 2010

Rose Art Museum to "Netflix" Artwork

Brandeis administrators are currently in talks with international auction house Sotheby's to explore methods of garnering revenue from the Rose Art Museum that do not include the sale of artwork, according to a May 27 University press release.

The press release explains that these talks are in the formative stages and that "President [Jehuda] Reinharz said it is premature to say what kind of agreements might be negotiated, what the time frame may be, what parties might be interested, what art might be included or how much revenue any agreement might generate."

Via the Brandeis Justice.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seattle Art Museum to Close for 2 Weeks Due to Budget Concerns

Speaking of museum closings, the Seattle Art Museum announced yesterday it is closing its three principal buildings for two weeks next year, reducing its staff and instituting a two-week furlough in an effort to balance its budget.

Via The Seattle Times.

Magnes Museum to Give Away Its Entire Collection of Prized Jewish Art

Better than deaccessioning? The Magnes, a Berkeley, Calif., museum, founded in 1962, doesn't have enough money to maintain the 10,000-piece collection, so it will turn the trove over to an unlikely rescuer: the University of California-Berkeley, part of California's public university system, which has experienced its own budget shortfall of $1 billion this past year.

Shelly Banjo of the WSJ explores this story as well as other art institutions that are struggling to stay afloat during these trying economic times.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Michael Kaiser: Conventional Wisdoms I Fight Against

The Kennedy Center's Michael Kaiser was recently asked the following question:

Is there conventional wisdom amongst arts organizations that [you] disagree with and try to fight against?

His detailed answers here.

How to Donate to a For-Profit

How does a for-profit museum use a tax-exempt foundation to get donations? NY's Museum of Sex does it, through its own foundation. Via today's NY Times.