Monday, April 26, 2010

Museums and Salaries

Via Donn Zaretsky:

The real issue with nonprofit compensation, I believe, lies not at the executive, but at the mid-management level, and at the lowest rungs of arts organizations.

Michael Kaiser: "Over the last year I have noticed a change in the reactions by major donors"

During this recession, however, funders have taken a harder tone. "When there are well run organizations that are struggling to replace donors who have evaporated, why support those that have poor management, weak boards, and unrealistic plans and budgets," the funding community seems to be suggesting.

More, via the deteriorating Huffington Post.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Charitable Gifts and Art Museum Deaccessioning

Erica Guyer, an associate at Withers LLP, has published an article on charitable gifts in relation to art museum deaccessioning practices.

Recent press regarding deaccessioning has raised some concerns among donors that their past or contemplated future donations could be sold by the donee institution. These concerns should not discourage charitable gifting, but should instead encourage donors to articulate their intentions with donee institutions and in clearly drafted gift agreements and testamentary instruments.

On the subject of the pending Brodsky Bill, Guyer adds, "a one-size- fits-all regulation undermines the diverse circumstances affecting cultural institutions considering deaccessioning." Guyer's entire article, Charitable Gifts in a Climate of Deaccessioning, can be viewed here via