Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Socialists to Protest In Defense of DIA

With sloganeering such as, "Culture is a social right," "The art belongs to the people," "No cuts to workers pensions or city services!" and "No to banrkuptcy", a mass protest has been scheduled in front of the DIA this Friday, Oct. 4th.

If they can tell me how Detroit can keep the DIA collection intact, repair the potholes and broken streetlights, keep pensions at their original numbers, and NOT file for bankruptcy, I'd love to know so I can package that idea and sell it to our federal government. Talk about a money-maker! Thanks to my good friend, Dani Johnson, for the heads up on this one.

From the socialist's website,

No one should believe the claims that sale of the art will help save workers’ pensions. After they take the art, the banks will be even more eager to steal municipal workers’ pensions and to slash city services! The right to culture must be defended along with all the rights of the working class. 
The Socialist Equality Party and International Youth and Students for Social Equality are calling for a mass demonstration at the DIA to defend the DIA. We aim not to pressure the Democrats and Republicans, the bought-and-paid-for politicians of the banks, but to organize an independent movement of working people. 
To organize this struggle the SEP is calling for the formation of a Committee to Defend the DIA!


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