Friday, August 2, 2013

Arguments Against Deaccessioning Should Come from Detroit's Leaders

The Wall Street Journal's Terry Teachout articulates what I've argued before; the arguments against selling off the DIA's art collection should come from Detroiters, not elitist Northeasterners.
Anybody who doesn't want Detroit to sell its art must be prepared to go up against arguments like these. What's more, the counterarguments will have to persuade locals who know how it feels to call the cops and get a busy signal. In my experience, art lovers aren't accustomed to making that kind of argument, any more than they're accustomed to living in a city without streetlights.
To the point, and very true. No offense, but I wonder how long Cobble Hillers or West Villagers (where the baby strollers roam) would argue for keeping artwork when there are no cops to keep Bed-Stuyers away or when streets have potholes the size of moon craters.


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