Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIA's Museum Director Chastises the NY Times

After two months of hectic coverage, I call upon journalists to resist the temptation to jump to disaster scenarios or to make the D.I.A.’s singular and highly complicated situation part of a broader story about the structural challenges faced by museums in general.
Graham W. J. Beal, Director, Detroit Institue of Art, in his letter to the NY Times.

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Dr. Mark said...

Graham Beal says "...the D.I.A.’s financial situation is more secure than it has been for 40 years."

Well, just as long as you forget that Detroit, the city that owns the entire DIA permanent collection, has just filed for bankruptcy.

Then again, Kevyn Orr's artwork covenants may be on the verge of mobilizing Detroit's investment in DIA artworks to create a Detroit Arts Endowment that restructures its unfunded liabilities at 100 cents on the dollar and funds security and insurance for DIA artworks and arts programs for Detroit. Do you think that endowment, roughly $30 billion, is what Beal refers to?