Friday, October 29, 2010

My Thoughts on Deaccessioning Via WNYC

It's been super busy, so apologies for the belated post.

Marlon Bishop, of WNYC, interviewed me on Tuesday, October 19, for a story on deaccessioning. The radio version came out on Wednesday, October 20, but you can read Bishop’s article, Art Deaccessioning: Right or Wrong?, on WNYC’s website, as well as hear a few soundbites from me; Kaywin Feldman, president of the Association of Art Museum Directors and director of the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts; and anti-deaccessionist, Lee Rosenbaum.

I will elaborate more on deaccessioning here and on my other blog, Clancco, soon. What do you think? Deaccession or not? Is there a middle ground?


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Dr. Mark said...

Of course there's a middle ground! James Maroney has his tenancy-in-common Maroney Plan, and I've got my equitable-servitude Coaccession(SM) method (patent-pending, naturally). Since art cannot live by appreciation alone, museums need a way to have their Monet and money, too. Every donated artwork comes with an endowment for its care: the artwork's financial value. It's up to museum management to find the right tool to mobilize that financial value while keeping the artwork's cultural value in the public domain.