Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Historical Society Deaccessions to Survive

Just minutes from writing about the RISD fiasco (below), this comes in from a faithful reader.

From Sign On San Diego:

The Villa Montezuma, with its stained-glass images of Shakespeare and the Greek poet Sappho, is San Diego’s most storied and elaborate Victorian, built just east of downtown during the boom of the 1880s. Operated as a museum since the 1970s by the San Diego Historical Society, the idea was to celebrate San Diego’s past.

The historical society has struggled with its budget during the recession, cutting staff and closing the Villa to the public in 2007.

And to substantiate my "economic times will force us to face reality" argument, this from Maria Bolivar, a Mesa College professor and member of the Villa friends board and a Sherman Heights activist, "tough economic times are forcing nonprofit cultural organizations to dispose of some of their holdings to survive."

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